What fish can you catch at wrightsville beach?

Wrightsville Beach fishing charters target Spanish mackerel, sharks, bluefish and bonito on trips close to the coast and can fish for king mackerel, mahi mahi, barracuda, sailfish, amber, grouper, sea bass, snapper and cobia on trips to the high seas. From striped sea bass to smallmouth bass and brook trout to brown trout, North Carolina's waters are teeming with game fish. The black bass is one of the most sought after in freshwater. Like rainbow trout, walleye perch, crappie and musk.

You can also fish for blue catfish, canal catfish and flat headed catfish. On the high seas, fishermen hunt tuna, swordfish, white marlin and mackerel. Shore fishermen can catch spotted sea trout, redfish and flounder. Fishermen access the waters surrounding Wrightsville Beach through a myriad of private and neighborhood ramps and a couple of free public ramps.

Kure Beach offers a more residential environment with its fishing dock, intimate restaurants and the family-favorite North Carolina aquarium in Fort Fisher. Make the most of your fishing trips and visit these local points of interest, where it's easy to launch a kayak or boat, or just let go of a line, hoping to get one or two unforgettable catches. In addition, visitors can also obtain a fishing license at several locations on and around Wrightsville Beach once they arrive on vacation. There are several dozen coastal fishing charters, or fishing guides, based at Wrightsville Beach and the surrounding Cape Fear areas, and these businesses are an excellent choice for anglers who want to explore local waters that lie inland or near the coast.

River fishing, lake fishing, coastal fishing, nearshore fishing, deep-sea fishing, plain fishing, cross-country fishing. Trails End Park621 Trails End Road, Wilmington, NC 28409 This public launch area is located off Masonboro Island and features a launch lane, parking for about 40 vehicles, and an on-site fishing dock for anglers. Carolina Beach Fishing Pier 1810 Canal Drive, Carolina Beach, NC 28428 This dock south of Wrightsville Beach stretches 700 feet. River fishing, coastal fishing, near-shore fishing, reef fishing, wreck fishing, plains fishing, cross-country fishing.

Johnnie Mercer's Pier 23 E Salisbury St, Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480 This all-concrete dock extends 945 feet. Offshore charter trips usually last a full day (although ¾ or even half-day trips may be available) and head out to open ocean waters about 10 miles or more off the coast to capture larger catches that congregate around wrecks and in the warm transatlantic current of the Gulf Stream. On your next vacation, spend a day at the beach or at Johnnie Mercer's pier, or head to the shipwrecks in the suburbs on an offshore charter trip for big catches. Regardless of your fishing ambitions, you'll find all the fishing adventures at Wrightsville Beach, and more.

With little effort, a fishing license is easy to obtain anyway and is the first step to enjoying a fishing vacation on Wrightsville Beach. Although these trips take place close to land, fishermen can catch a wide variety of catches, such as drums, bass, catfish, Spanish and royal mackerel, flounder, seashore and other tasty saltwater fish. Visitors who want to spend part of their vacation pulling a line will find plenty of opportunities to go fishing on Wrightsville Beach. River Road Park boat ramp, Wilmington, NC 28412 This destination has a boat ramp, fishing dock, and public facilities including restrooms and picnic pavilions.


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