Is a Charter Boat Business Profitable?

Owning a yacht for rent can be profitable, but it rarely “pays for itself”. Renting your yacht has some unique advantages that can create opportunities to get a return on your investment in many ways, such as offsetting the cost of ownership or selling your yacht in exchange for a profit. However, the relationship between the purchase price, rental rates and operating costs cannot be applied to all investments made in yachts that are in the rental market. For most yacht owners, the real net benefits of renting yachts are little more than a distant dream.

Smarter Charter is an improved patented management protocol that offers significant competitive advantages to owners of yachts and chartered aircraft to significantly reduce their ownership and operating costs while maximizing positive cash flow and after-tax net benefits. Classic yachts always have a market in the rental industry, and there are often off-market opportunities available for those who know where to look. We'll tell you everything you need to know about the reality of rental yacht ownership, even what rental companies won't necessarily volunteer to tell you. Therefore, for rental yacht owners who want to rent, our patented yacht rental programs can be cost-effective.

Owning a rental boat is a great way to enjoy sailing for a few years without major expenses, and to own the boat at the end of the contract and make the rental income pay part or all of the mortgage. However, there's simply no way an owner can reimburse their capital repayments based on freight; that's not what the charter business is all about.

Pamela Taschereau
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