How Much Does it Cost to Charter a Fishing Boat in the Outer Banks?

Outer Banks charter fishing is a major deep-sea fishing activity that the area is renowned for. Charter fishing on the Outer Banks means heading out to sea to the Gulf Stream, where giant species of fish such as weevils, tunas and dolphins can be found. Fishing rental boats are a popular business in the Outer Banks, and it is common to bring together a crew of six or more participants who are willing to share the cost of the trip. This is an ideal way to fish if you're new to Outer Banks fishing charters, if you don't have all the gear you need, or if you just want to spend a peaceful day on the water. If you really want to increase your chances of spending time in the combat chair, it's worth hiring a guide.

Outer Banks fishing boats are large vessels that can accommodate many people at once and provide all the bait and tackle, plus a helpful partner. Boats with heads are perfect for children as they have bathrooms and snacks on board, and they offer half-day trips. Look for local fishing boats in the following list of marinas: OBX Marina, Oregon Inlet Fishing Center, Pirates Cove Marina, Shallowbag Bay Club Marina, Thicket Lump Marina, Wanchese Marina, Albatross Fleet Marina, Hatteras Harbor Marina, Hatteras Landing Marina, Oden's Dockteach's Lair Marina and Village Marina. Do you want to get out on the water? Docked at Pirate's Cove Marina in Nags Head is the main ship Miss Oregon Inlet II. With the shortest driving time to the Oregon Inlet fishing grounds, they catch many different species of fish including manure, croaker, trout, bluefish, puppy drum, mullet and more - they are known as the “flounder masher”. They have everything you need for fishing and it is all covered by your fishing license.

The main ship makes two half-day trips to the coast per day. They also offer a fishing cruise at dusk on most days which includes two hours of fishing and sunset watching. Nearly every trip includes dolphin and shorebird sightings as well as views of Savage Inlet, Oyster Farm, Sound Islands and Basnight Bridge. Built-in phone chargers ensure that you'll capture all the memorable moments. The experienced local captain and crew cater to fishermen of all ages and skill levels.

It is recommended to book in advance and do so through Kitty Hawk Kites. Vouchers, group fares, discounts for military personnel and first responders as well as private charter flights are available. As one of the few boats in the Oregon Inlet fishing fleet that is licensed to carry more than six anglers, the 57-foot Country Girl can be chartered for trips to Gulf Stream for groups of six or more people. These full-day charter fishing trips on the high seas can produce tuna and mahi-mahi, wahoo, horse mackerel, marlin or sailing depending on the season and conditions. The Country Girl also offers boat-style bottom fishing with a head for up to 27 passengers. You'll catch a variety of species such as black bass, crossbow fish, dolphin, white-gray whale, medregal and more.

All fishing charters include bait, tackle and fishing licenses plus the captain and partner are experienced and helpful. Country Girl also offers private cruises on the sound (a great way to get a large group of friends together on the water) as well as ceremonies with ashes in the sea. Fishin' Fannatic is proud to offer an unparalleled fishing experience on the Outer Banks with Captain Mark Fann and his experienced crew. With more than 38 years of experience in fishing Capt. Mark is a very skilled fisherman and takes pride in his profession which you'll see firsthand when you get out on the water with him. With enough space for a group of six people, the 53-foot Viking sport fishing boat has an air-conditioned lounge and comfortable seating for everyone in your party.

Mark likes to attract customers from expert fishermen to new customers - parents are welcome to bring their children aboard Fishin' Fannatic for a day on the water that will create memories that last a lifetime. To enjoy this experience call them or make your reservation online. Fishing for shrimp in the sound is another fun activity for all ages. Not only will you learn a lot about marine ecosystems but you'll also be able to conserve and eat your catch. Barry Sweitzer offers shrimp freights on his 40-foot Hallie M from Wanchese Marina. Sweitzer and his colleague take up to six passengers around Roanoke Island where you can see a wide variety of wildlife and beautiful landscapes.

They drag a shrimp trawl across the water then passengers sort through their catch to harvest shrimp fish and crabs - anything that has legal size is yours! Charter flights depart three times a day from Monday through Friday.

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