How do you catch a fish every time you go fishing?

Five tips for catching more fishChoose the best time of day. Fish are most active in low light conditions, when they feel less threatened by predators. Small poppers can do it, but not as well as a ghost, because, like their pike and musk cousins, pickerels love to track down a lure that moves with a constant cadence. At just 3 inches, the Heddon Zara Puppy is the perfect size.

To get the best action out of this little walker, I'll put him in a 6-foot slow-action outfit with 6-pound mononucleosis. Focus on open water holes between grass mats or along the edges of shallow weeds. The trick is to remove a pickle from the lid and make it crawl into cleaner water. If you see a whirl or flash behind the lure, don't stop; speed up your recovery while keeping a steady gait.

These fish are ambush predators, and the watering holes that form in the shallow waters provide perfect hiding places that allow flounder to bump into forage disoriented by rough waves. Some places are “worn out” by the pressure of fishing, as many of the active fish are caught, and in a large tournament it is rare to see a place last longer than two days, unless it has a constant flow of fish migrating to it. Garbage fishermen describe the slingshot as a shot because it shoots a small jig deep below the docks of ships or pontoons, where fish seek some shade in summer. There will always be better anglers than you, and if you start to have any degree of arrogance, tournament fishing will soon cause you to lose some points.

It's also important to have as much reliable information as possible about the local fishing vine. The same fish that carried the streamers and poppers that moved quickly at the beginning of the season usually feed at night, and if the river is full of tarps or herring fry from late summer, getting sea bass to eat hair and feathers becomes even more difficult. You're targeting big fish in waters infested with snags, so increase the size of the rod to be of medium intensity and wrap it with a braided test line of at least 20 pounds. Fishing World is Australia's oldest and most important fishing magazine and is known as the “bible of sport fishing”.

While the above article applies to all fishing, I think tournament fishing is a very useful way to improve overall fishing discipline and catches by adopting the above rules. Don't worry about others All fishing trips are a competition between the fisherman and the fish, and if you win against the fish, that's all you can expect you to do. For many years I have fished in all kinds of fishing tournaments chasing a wide range of species, from the flat head to the marlin. If there is no bait and other indicators remain, such as pelicans and waterfowl, it's a good sign that the fish have also left.

The languid blow of a rising brown monster is always thrilling, but sometimes fish just don't gorge on a motley mix on the surface. Good preparation before an event reduces downtime, and good teamwork, fast fish processing and experience in removing obstacles increase the amount of time available to place lures in front of fish. The brave white bass fights above its weight class, and a 2- to 3-pound fish will give you everything you want with the right gear. I have been given more fish over 2 pounds in the past two seasons than everything else combined.

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