Can You Wear Flip Flops on a Charter Boat? - An Expert's Guide

Flip flops or shower shoes are not the safest option for a charter boat, as they can easily stick to the wet terrace and the centerpiece between your toes can be thrown or broken. Shoes that have a toe cap and a healing strap are the best choice. Walking barefoot is also an option, but you should be careful to avoid stepping on the fins of a fish or a misplaced hook. The feet are the part of the body most likely to get wet during a fishing trip, due to fish, waves, weather and hoses bringing water on board. For larger ships, some people can get away with wearing tennis shoes.

However, no one likes soggy feet. In cold climates, shoes that offer some capacity to shed water are recommended, such as deck boots or poufs. For hot weather, any shoe that doesn't hold water is a good option. The best shoes for warm weather are crocs, safe sandals, or nothing at all. Whether you can walk barefoot on the deck may depend on the boat.

In some places it is necessary to keep the boat clean. Ultimately, the most important thing is to be comfortable, so choose shoes that will keep you focused on fishing.

Charter fishing

from Destin, Florida in summer usually only requires shorts, a lightweight shirt, flip flops or shoes and maybe a hat and sunglasses. When going on a fishing charter, it is important to bring a variety of bags and containers. My husband and I are planning to go on one soon, so I've been researching tips to help us prepare.

You've chosen a gorgeous, fully equipped fishing boat and you're ready to catch the fish of your dreams. While the charter normally provides bag-type plastic bags, it is also advisable to bring a pack of large bags with an airtight seal. If you plan to go out with a saltwater fishing guide, your captain will have his license covered by the freight. Captain of Destin charter boats since 1985 Deep Sea Fishing in Destin Fishing Guide to Destin Charter Fishing in Destin. Going fishing will almost certainly be a good time, but wearing the wrong clothes can ruin your day.

At the same time, sea conditions can change very quickly and unexpected downpours can turn a fishing charter into a nightmare for unsuspecting anglers.

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